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I am happy, willing and able to work with Scott Adams Photography and chose to do so by my own choice. I agree to respect the privacy and confidentiality of Scott Adams Photography at all times, and understand that I will be treated the same. I will not use any proprietary knowledge, property or photography for commercial or marketing purposes unless agreed to in writing prior. I understand I will not be paid unless agreed to in writing, I will also pay any money owed to Scott Adams Photography prior to commencement of work/studies. I will communicate any concerns with Scott Adams Photography as soon as they arrive. I understand Scott Adams Photography is setup as a small hobbyist team and not operating a legal business, that I will be fair in my affiliation with Scott Adams Photography and expect to be treated the same. I understand that things can and do go wrong with meetings/commitments and appointments and if circumstances were beyond either parties control, should any money or deposit have been made that it will be returned in full as soon as possible. I will notify Scott Adams Photography within 24 hours of commencement of work/activities should I not be able to partake, anything within this period may forit any deposits made by me.

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