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Fashion & Beauty Photography

Interested in Modelling? Or perhaps you'd just like some nice shots for Facebook or sharing?


This page will outline who I am, and what this is about. If you're still deciding, unsure or scared please read on, I will share details of how I work and let you decide what you feel comfortable with.





As you may know, or have seen, I am a professional photographer based in Launceston, Tasmania. I typically shoot Landscape and Portraiture styled photography. I have been interested in photography and shooting since a young child, so nearly 40 years now!

Landscape is for the therapeutic aspect life and photography! It helps us learn and explore our knowledge pool and the technical aspect.

Portraiture photography on the other hand is quite different. For me it is about capturing that emotion in people's eyes, capturing that moment that is easily missed in the blink of an eye.

I have only started focusing on beauty and fashion photography in the last year, so my portfolio itself is still in its infancy however my experience flows through so now it's more about practicing, getting experience and meeting people. I am very passionate about supporting our community, giving back and doing what I can to help others reach their dreams.


What I'm looking for.


Anyone! Well, someone interested in either getting some nice shots of themselves, or even practicing their modelling. I am happy to teach the basics of modelling and being in front of the camera for those wondering if a career in modelling is for them.


What to expect from me.


Firstly, I am an adult, I will act as such. I am an easy going relaxed person and virtually never get bothered or upset about things. I am soon to be married, very settled and doing photography as a hobby. I am not doing photography for any reason other than because I enjoy it and I really enjoy supporting people and the community. I have no desire to become rich and famous and I will treat everyone as I expect to be treated.

I worked in the Education Department for a large part of my life, I am very comfortable being around all age groups from newborn to great grandparents. 

I am a happy easy-going person, I enjoy laughing and making people laugh, but I will be a professional at all times. In saying that, I'm more of a person likely to be in shorts and T than a suit and tie.


What to expect from the relationship.


A working friendship. I will act like a professional, and a gentleman at all times. I will refer to you as my client but I will also like to work towards more of a relaxed friendly working relationship. Like the sort of working relationship you may have with someone at your place of employment, where we feel comfortable talking and general chit chat. It's fairly pivotal for a photographer and client to have a reasonably symbiotic relationship as the relationship itself will be reflected in the shots. It doesn't have to, but it's definitely better if it does.


Is experience needed?


No, it isn't. I am comfortable working with people with no or little experience in front of a camera. Of course, if a client has experience that is fine!


Will there be physical contact?


If I need to adjust something on you, hair, necklace etc, I will always ask if it's ok. If not, I will respect this.



Any boudoir related sessions are well planned in advance and will be handled in a very professional, tasteful and respectful manner.

If you are interested in this kind of session contact us to discuss.

Will I get paid?


At this stage I work on a TFP or Time For Print arrangement. This means we both donate our time to get prints for ourselves from it. I will generally provide at least 5 professional photos (possibly many more) which you can then use for whatever you like. I will also use the shots for my portfolio, website etc.

If I was doing a specific shoot for a product or business, it is likely I will pay. I will clearly outline this, get your banking details and so forth. I will only do paid work with experienced models that I have shot with before.

If a model requires photos for their portfolio and or promotional material a hourly rate may apply.


Where will we be?


Well usually one of two types of photography, a shoot in the studio with a backdrop and lights, or we'll go out on location, commonly a park or somewhere with the back ground for the type of shoot we are aiming for. This is all discussed and outlined in the session plan.


Can I bring someone?


Yes, to start out with I encourage it, especially in the early days of starting to work with me. I will possibly have a second shooter or an assistant myself. You can bring a friend, partner or parent. A parent is required if under the age of 18, along with the consent form.

If you have someone that likes doing hair and or makeup feel free to bring them along, they are welcome to use the experience to practice. 

I am quite happy and would even like to meet parents or partners if they have any questions, concerns, or curiosity at all. Please forward on my details.


How long will it go for?


1-3 hours typically. I suggest being flexible if you can as lighting can change quite dramatically on the day if outside or reliant on daylight. On the day we may need to start later or earlier depending. We'd be in contact at this point communicating.




I am happy to travel around if it helps, just let me know.


What if circumstances change and it must be postponed or cancelled?


Things happen, that's ok. I am a good communicator so if it's from my end I'll contact you asap, it'd be great if you could do the same. I am very easy going and flexible, I appreciate we have lives so don't stress. If it is a paid shoot however, we will discuss and incorporate this in the session plan.


What if I'm nervous or uncomfortable?


Please tell me! Modelling is about relaxing and feeling comfortable, if you aren't then no matter how much you pretend it will show through in the photos. Nerves are just about settling in, if we need to cancel that's ok, if we need to just chill and relax without the

camera then we can do that. I'd rather cancel and try for another time than do a shoot where one of us is uncomfortable. 

Example Mood Board

If I go ahead, what will happen?


  1. Firstly, I'll have a quick chat with you, show you this web page and see if what we're after aligns.

  2. I'll then grab your basic details, and an emergency contact if someone isn't coming with you. If I haven't met you in person I'll need to grab a photo from you, any photo of you will do.

  3. I will then present you with what's called a Mood Board. This will show you the type of photography that I will be focusing on. This helps you visualise the sorts of shots we will aim to get. You're also welcome to do up a mood board and look it over with me.

  4. We will then discuss a time/date that suits both parties. Usually weekends for me, however sunset shots may be possible depending on the time of year.

  5. I will then draft up a session plan. This will outline the time/day/place, what type we'll be shooting (Beauty or Fashion) and what to wear if I have a recommendation and a few other details.

  6. I will send you a release form at this stage which outlines the legal requirements and conditions, you can read this and get it back to me. I will only need this from you once. If under the age of 18 I will also need you and a parent responsible for you to sign.

  7. We will then keep in contact, just in case circumstances change.

  8. We will meet at the time/place and if required go through the basics of posing and have a practice run with you. There will be a lot of preparing on the day, it may even take a hour to get shooting. If you or I have a makeup artist with us they will be doing this throughout the day.

  9. At the end of the shoot we will have a chat, I'll want to get some initial feedback from you. I'll pack up and if required run you back to where you need to go.

  10. I will aim to process the photos over the next two weeks, depending on how busy I am.

  11. I will provide you with your own gallery on my webpage for you to do as you please. The release form will outline what you can/can't do with the photos themselves, basically you can't crop or modify them.

  12. I'll get some feedback from you to learn from. We can then discuss future opportunities if we haven't already.

Mood Board Example

Oh, I just don't know after all this, I'm not a model and I'm nervous.


Rest assured, you're feelings are normal!

Ultimately, it's completely up to you. I will never apply pressure or try to convince you, above are the details but the rest is up to you.

Just remember, feeling nervous is normal for anyone getting in front of a camera, there is really no way to overcome this so it's just about if you are comfortable enough to go through it and only you can decide this.

Not having modelling experience is completely fine with me. I'll give you a run through, as long as you are there by your own choice you'll be ok. If I can shoot babies and young children I can shoot you! easily. If all else fails and you stand there like a statue that's ok, I'll just move :)



Thanks for your interest. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, I would love to hear from you!