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Wedding Enquiry Form

Wedding Enquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in our work, let's get the ball rolling!

Our enquiry form helps us put some personalised options together for you both!
Why do we tailor our options?
Why tailor options, rather than fixed packages?

We proudly offer both photography and videography services, including RAW videos, alongside live streaming options for guests who can't attend your special day.

With a talented team, we're flexible to your needs. Whether it's one person or multiple of us, we're equipped to provide support for elopements as short as 1 hour or full-day weddings — whatever suits you.

We even capture hens and bucks nights for extra awesome memories. Our options extend to include celebrants, DJs, venues, and more.

Our diverse array of offerings, combined with the understanding that fixed packages can be pricier, led us to adopt a practical and personal approach. We tailor our packages to each couple, including only what genuinely interests you.

Imagine the savings that come with tailored choices!

If you'd like to skip this form, that's ok, just click here to contact or meet us:

Price Matching


Every business brings a unique service and style to the table. We value your interest in our style and approach.

If you have a specific budget in mind, our enquiry form is your tool to explore all the options we can present within that budget. Inform us about your package priorities, and we'll make every effort to accommodate your needs. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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