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Thank you for visiting our page and considering us; it truly means a lot to myself and our team.

Here, you will discover more about our wedding services. We aim to address common questions and provide you with a deeper understanding of what we offer.


Why choose us?


While we take pride in our work, what we're equally proud of is offering couples the support and comfort they need to turn their wedding day into the enjoyable, memorable, and amazing experience they've always dreamed of.

We're more than just photographers and filmmakers; we're here for you.

Our focus centers on what matters to our couples. We want to understand you, support you as professionals, and seamlessly blend in like family.


Josef Chromy, Relbia, Tasmania

Oxleaze Barn, Filkins, United Kingdom

Devonport, Tasmania

We're here to provide you with memories that not only encapsulate your day but also freeze the exact moments they were captured.

Feeling a bit nervous or camera-shy? That's perfectly okay! Our pride lies in our relaxed, natural, and candid approach to Photography and Videography. With a strong photo-journalistic style, we focus on capturing the emotions shared in the room and between you both.

While always offering support, we discreetly observe, allowing your day to unfold naturally. This enables us to capture every laughter and emotion from beginning to end.

And yes, when needed (or desired), we'll guide you into poses, making it a fun experience that adds to the beautiful memories of your day.


What we Offer


We provide an exceptionally personalized and custom-tailored experience.

Every couple is unique, and so are their weddings. Our services are crafted to match your preferences, needs, and desires.

Consider the vast contrast between a laid-back 5-hour wedding with 15 guests at an outback farm and a formal 10-hour wedding with 300 guests at a remote resort. Cookie-cutter packages don't cut it for us. We're all about you and your vision. We strive to provide you with the best within your budget.

Our services are designed around your specific needs. Here are some significant options you'll have with us:

  • Professional Wedding Photography

  • Professional Wedding Films & Cinematography

  • Hybrid Wedding Coverage (One person simultaneously covering imagery and film

  • Drone/Aerial Images & Video

  • Unlimited Images

  • Engagement Sessions (Casual images together prior to the wedding.)

  • Flexible date options (no cost to reschedule your date due to unforeseen circumstances, availability dependant)

  • Last Minute Weddings

  • Short 30-minute Sessions (i.e. Ceremony Only)

  • Wedding Live Streaming

  • Wedding Consultation/Support

  • 2nd Photographer/Assistant (Standard in most tailored packages)

  • RAW Video (RAW recording of your Ceremony)

  • High Quality Premium Photobooks (Albums)

  • Premium Canvas and Framed prints

  • Interest Free Payment Option through Payright

  • Flexible Payments Arrangements

  • Free Statewide Travel (Tasmania)

  • Interstate Couples Support

  • Support for other services such as Venues, Cakes, Celebrants, Makeup Artists and much more


We are committed to delivering not just a service, but an experience that aligns with your unique story and style.


Wedding Films

We offer several options to capture the essence of your wedding in a stunning film:

  • Full Day Options: Capture your entire day from start to finish, crafting a beautiful highlight video that immortalizes your journey. Relive the excitement of getting ready or fast forward to the reception.

  • Half Day Options: Equally incredible, these options cover either your preparations to the reception or the ceremony to the reception. The decision is yours, tailored to your preferences.

  • RAW Wedding Film: Opt for the purity of RAW footage. We record your ceremony or reception, providing you with unedited footage that preserves the authenticity of the moment.

  • Live Streaming Weddings: For those who can't be present, our live streaming service offers a solution. We may be able to broadcast your wedding through platforms like Facebook or YouTube, ensuring loved ones can still be part of your special day.

We believe every couple's story is unique, and our film options are designed to reflect your individuality.

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Budgeting & Pricing


We understand that budget considerations are important for everyone. If you're unsure about setting a budget, we're here to assist.


Feel free to share your thoughts about your big day, and we'll help you identify what holds significance for you. We'll then customize a pricing plan accordingly.

No matter your budget or requirements, we're dedicated to finding a solution that suits you best and ensuring your vision comes to life.


Wedding Live Streaming

We've witnessed numerous weddings where cherished guests couldn't attend due to various reasons such as health or travel restrictions. It's with pride that we offer a wedding live streaming service, connecting absent guests to your special day through the internet.

Our live streaming options encompass Facebook (the most popular choice), YouTube, Twitch, and even Zoom sessions.

Using our cameras and specialized audio equipment, we capture your ceremony (and reception/speeches if desired) to provide a high-quality stream for your loved ones.

Live streaming is exceptionally budget-friendly and an ideal way to enable distant guests to witness your ceremony. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

Live Streaming is offered both as a standalone option and as part of our photography and videography packages.


Additional Services

Are you needing any other support for your wedding? Choosing a venue? Table Toppers? Finding a wedding dress?

We have lots of contacts we can refer you on. If you need assistance with any of these things, just let us know with your enquiry:

•  Venues (Ceremony or Reception)

•  Honeymoon spots in Tasmania

•  Wedding Dresses

•  Men's Suits/Clothing

•  Wedding Planning

•  Celebrant

•  Car Hire/Transport

•  Accommodation

•  Hair/Makeup Artist

•  DJ or Entertainment

•  Photo booth Hire

•  Event Styling

•  Wedding Stationary/Boutonnieres

•  Catering

•  Large Capacity Marquees or Equipment Hire

What Now?


Check out our 30 most Frequently Asked Questions!

If you're unsure of a budget, simply contact us now and we'll run through our base package prices with you, to help you get started.

If you're interested in getting a tailored price from us, just jump over to the wedding enquiry form and share a few non personal details about your day with us and we will get back to you very quickly. It's ok if you don't know all the details, many people don't, anything will help us get started.

Don't forget to let us know a rough budget and we'll show you what we can offer you for your money.

Still unsure or can't find what you're after?

Use any of the following options to contact us and we'll reply as fast as we can, if not relatively quickly.

Thanks again for visiting us, we hope to be able to capture your day and give you some beautiful candid, natural style images for you to keep forever.

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Wedding Photography, Videography and Livestreaming

Captured with love, passion and support.

Tailored for you.

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